Underneath My Skin

North Central College Fine & Performing Arts - Naperville, IL - December 2016

As a woman born in Iran, who has chosen to call Chicago home, the elements of my works speak to a hybrid reality. My work is grounded in traditional Iranian customs yet bear a distinct overlay of the modern world, and that is hopefully what is reflected in my pieces as well.

The theme goes back to the culture I grew up with, the experiences, the challenges and joys I've faced throughout my journey. With my pieces I hope to make a small difference and close the cultural gap, change the perception about where I come from and showcase the beautiful parts of my culture and country.

The walls were covered with the word "Love" in Farsi just like other exhibitions, this installation has become part of the exhibits to showcase the power of love and unity. 

It has been a great honor to be able to share my art with the amazing Naperville community. They were kind enough to extend the exhibition for another week due to me being stranded in Australia when the Immigration Ban took place. Read all about that experience in my latest blog.

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Part of the installation view at "Underneath my skin" Exhibition 

Photo by the very amazing Jaime Foster - "Underneath My Skin" Exhibition